Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tanka Special Terms

Although Tanka and Cantonese are similar in some aspects, there are some terms that are uniquely Tanka.

Let us take a quick test and see if you can match the Tanka terms with their true meanings.

1. What does the Tanka term 邪氣 "ce4 hei3" (evil air) mean?

a. 海龍捲 waterspout
b. 邪靈 evil spirit
c. 濃霧 heavy fog
d. 臭汗味 disgusting smell

2. What does the Tanka term 針 "zam1" (needle) mean?

a. 船竿 boat pole
b. 鰻魚魚尾 tail of eel
c. 海龍捲尾 tail of waterspout
d. 臥底 someone who does an inside job

3. What does the Tanka term 開[saang1] "hoi1 saang1" mean?

a. 開心 happy
b. 開船 sail
c. 開聲 vocal training
d. 開餐 mealtime

1. a
2. c
3. b

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