Friday, February 12, 2010

What is Tanka Community?

Hello, everybody! We are Carrie, Vienna, Phyllis and Jerome, students from The University of Hong Kong, majoring in Language and Communication. In the project IMLD2010 for the course LCOM3001 Cultural dimensions of language and communication, we would like to investigate the language situations of the Tanka community in Hong Kong.

The Tanka community (蜑家 daan6gaa1), also known as the community of fisherfolk or boat dwellers, is a traditional minority in Hong Kong. The community is now facing language challenges with regard to its mother tongue, such as language shift and possibly language death. By examining the reasons for the threats to their language, as well as the attitude of the Tanka community towards such a phenomenon, we strive to draw people's attention to this linguistic minority and consequently to the importance of cultural diversity.

By Ho Wing Lun Vienna,
Lam Ka Yee Carrie,
Ng Tik Lun Jerome,
Wong Wing Sui Phyllis.
(Project IMLD2010, School of English,
The University of Hong Kong)

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